Top Russian Nesting Dolls Use You Weren’t Expecting

Matryoshka is a legendary souvenir, which embodies the beauty of Russian culture, kindness and hospitality of our people. Previously, such souvenirs were made only in Khokhloma or Dymkovo painting, but now their design is amazing with its diversity.

Today, wooden figures are decorated with patterns, portraits of political figures,  and images of sights. Folk tale hero dolls were also used as designs for these wooden dolls. In the shop you can buy wooden nesting dolls at the best prices. Want to know what is a Russian nesting doll used for? You need to have a proper idea in this case.

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The advantages of the range

  • The nested doll is a national symbol of Russia.
  • These toys are known all over the world, and everywhere they are associated with Russia. However, such painted woodwork with hand-painted murals is excellent gifts for residents of our country.
  • The product can be used both as an excellent doll for a child, and as an original element of the interior, especially when there is a need to add to it a national flavor and emphasize adherence to traditions.
  • The uniqueness of doll souvenirs lies in the fact that all wooden nesting dolls presented in thecatalog are the results of handmade work and unique painting. This painting is performed by famous masters on the basis of many years of tradition and experience in the painting of such products. Meaning, there also exist dolls made by dead artists.
  • Floral ornaments that adorn our products are unique, they may not be similar to each other. This allows us to offer a wide range of unique products, among which every foreign tourist or resident of our country can make a choice according to his taste.
  • Production is a painstaking process that includes 15 operations! It requires a professional approach and high qualification of the master. It is the complexity of making the nesting doll that determines its value.

For the shop, such products are made by special order by Semenov masters, whose talent is famous far beyond the borders of Russia. With the online shops you can buy products wholesale and retail at the best prices.

Where to buy a nested doll

If you want to buy wooden dolls, please contact the online store! To place an order, you can fill out a feedback form on the website with your contact information. After receiving it, our specialists will promptly contact you to clarify all details of the order.

If you need a qualified consultation or additional information, call the storekeeper at the phone numbers listed in the contact section, and they will be happy to answer all your questions and help you make the right choice!

The manufacture and production of dolls to order is a direction that, perhaps, will always be relevant. After all Nesting Dolleach production, each designer, artist or master has his own opinion on what should be the costume of the doll, what attributes should be added to the image and which color range is more suitable for a particular doll. Production to order on your models is possible.

If necessary, it is possible to order large matryoshka whose height reaches 1 meter. They can depict the city where your company is located, or a specific object is a factory, a shopping center, etc. The process will take more time than producing classic dolls. To make the painting really bright and accurate, the master designers will need time. But in the end you will get a really small man-made masterpiece that you can be proud of!

Matryoshka appeared in Russia relatively recently, in the XIX century, but gained such incredible popularity that it became a recognized symbol of our country. The wooden figurine of the rosy beauty of the maiden in a headscarf and folk sundress is in almost every home. Every day, nesting dolls as a souvenir are taken to the farthest corners of the globe by foreign tourists. Thanks to this universal recognition, organizations and craftsmen appeared who began to make dolls to order.

Matryoshka combines beauty, miniature, individuality and a mystery! Yes, the matryoshka in something symbolizes that very mysterious Russian soul, since within it there can be from 3 to 40 (!) Of its small copies. In the last century, Russian artists carried out a very real revolution in the field of custom made nesting dolls. They embodied in reality the idea that was in the air to make a matryoshka not in the form of an abstract smiling girl, but to give it the features of a concrete person. So there were dolls depicting politicians, actors, athletes, musicians and other famous people.

How old is the Russian nesting doll?

Some believe that the art of creating wooden dolls originated almost at the time of Slavic Russia. Others are convinced that the age of the dolls is not older than a century, and they were created just as souvenirs.

Where is the truth?

In fact, the history of the matryoshka began in the late 19th century, on the wave of interest in folk culture. We know the name of the person who created the sketch of the first detachable wooden doll: it was the artist Sergey Malyutin, an employee of the Moscow workshop “Children’s Education”, an active fan of the Russian-peasant style in art. And he carved a “Matryoshka No. 1” VasilyZvezdochkin, the best folk master of SergievPosad.

The history of the first Russian nesting dolls

The original doll, which opened the way to the whole generations of Russian nesting dolls, consisted of eight figures. They were all different from each other; the first chubby girl, dressed in a sundress with an apron and a bright scarf, kept a black rooster under her arm, then a boy followed in the collection, then again a girl we liked the doll, and the history of the matryoshka origin began its countdown.

Do you want to touch the historical sacrament, the moment of birth of a new tradition that has become a legend of Russian culture?

There is an eight-place “First Russian” matryoshka in our catalog: a complete copy of the wooden doll that was first made at the end of the 19th century.

  • Why “matryoshka”?
  • Random choice, popular name?

No, not at all random. Indeed, Russian girls were often called Matryona, and then tenderly called Matresha in the family circle. But at the heart of the familiar word lay the ancient Latin root mater, “mother.” That is, the name Matrona has always been associated with the fertile mother of a large family, a beautiful and portly woman who can give birth to numerous offspring. Throughout the history of its creation and improvement, the doll has been and remains a symbol of happy motherhood, at home – a full cup, love and family comfort.

The history of the doll continues

In the beginning there was a matryoshka SergievPosadskaya. Then there were the Nizhny Novgorod, Semenovskaya. It was exclusive, created by artists in the style of the best traditions of various schools of painting, from Khokhloma to Zhostovo. The 21st century added new themes to the old art craft: family, political, event collections.

What will be tomorrow?

It is difficult to say, but one thing can be said unconditionally in the culture of Russia there will always be a place for the nesting doll, traditional and many-sided at the same time.