Facts About Best Friend Bracelets That You Need In Your Life

Even in the Stone Age, people made jewelry from natural materials, such as bones, shells, stones or wood. Later, in the Bronze Age, metalworking came along? And gradually you discovered the precious metals like silver, which could be used for it. The classic silver bracelet had its first heyday many millennia later in antiquity. Back then, someone who wore a gold or silver bracelet was considered to be particularly rich. At times, silver was even more valuable and less common than gold. To this day, a silver bracelet is a popular piece of jewelry, which, depending on the style, can be worn by both ladies and gentlemen. Meanwhile, the range of different variants is huge. Even if you are looking for a pure, simple silver bracelet but from the very beginning, Antique Silver Chain – Best Friend Bracelet is very popular.

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Silver bracelets – a classic that never seems to go out of fashion

But what makes silver so popular? That both men and women still appreciate the great material can be justified as follows. Although silver is a prestigious precious metal, but significantly cheaper than gold. For most people, a bracelet with an exclusive silver alloy is something that is precious, but not unaffordable.

Nevertheless, a genuine silver bracelet is just as attractive and classy as a gold bracelet and adorns every look perfectly. Besides, silver often looks simpler and proves unlike gold, which for many is pretentious? Appears, understatement, silver can also be combined with a variety of outfits and is, therefore, a material that can be worn on every occasion.

Silver bracelets in various designs – there is the right one for every taste

Meanwhile, silver bracelets are available in a variety of designs. For example, even with the thicknesses or widths, there are different models that you can choose according to your taste. Nevertheless, it should always be considered even if a fairly wide silver bracelet is currently in vogue, petite wrists are usually better served with a rather thin silver bracelet. Here, a wider silver bracelet looks quickly clunky and out of place. Of course, if a classic silver bracelet is too plain, then you can choose from a large number of pendants, ornaments or variations with other materials, such as wood or other precious metals. Especially exclusive are silver bracelets with inserted gemstones like rubies, Diamonds or sapphires? These silver bracelets are a unique gift on special occasions, where you can enjoy your whole life and maybe even pass it on.

Before buying silver bracelets: Be sure to think about measuring the wrist!

Certainly, a silver bracelet is always a nice gift for the partner or another dear person, such as with a personal engraving in it. However, before buying a silver bracelet, it is essential to measure the circumference of your wrist. Optimally, the silver bracelet sits slightly loose, but does not slip too far back and thus always looks stylish and elegant.

High-quality bracelets made of sterling silver

A silver bracelet is a piece of fascinating jewelry and a captivating accessory for every season as well as every occasion. The simple shirt as well as the elegant summer dress, it looks just adorable. Choose from the variety the right silver bracelet for your outfit for the day in the office, in college or on festive occasions. The Filigree Dots bracelet with its three beads filled with rhinestones is used to everyday work, as a leisure accessory for the summer.

Beginning and end in a silver bracelet

Together with the set Cubic zirconium of chain and two earrings results in a perfectly harmonious ensemble, this will charm you with its sparkle. Do you also love the interesting shape of the circle with its perfect harmony without beginning and end? Then the filigree silver bracelet Wire made of 925 silver is just right for you

It consists of a fine silver chain, which ends at the top in a silver ring, on which the eyes are involuntarily directed. The harmonic circular shape is perfectly emphasized and shows no point of attack for pulling from both sides chain. This fits the silver ring, which also puts the harmonious circular shape in the center. For infinity is also the infinity bracelet creatively embedded with gold, the elegance of which is created by the symbol of infinity.

The elegant silver bracelet for the evening

Subtle silver jewelry is made for the soirée in the open-air theater or the classical concert in summer. The filigree silver hoop with three exotic pearls fits perfectly with the unfussy necklace with freshwater pearl or the silver necklace with five pearls and sparkling rhinestones. They show taste and wrap themselves in timelessly simple elegance.

Silver and rose gold – a brilliant connection

Silver jewelry is always the perfect complement to the little black. Together with the matching ring in silver, the bracelet rounds off the outfit skillfully. A silver bracelet with delicate rose gold in the center adds a shimmering accent to your wrist. Show your romantic side, for example, with a rose gold heart on the textile strap, with a Chinese slip knot and additional small highlights like the gold-plated beads at the end. With a clutch in cream or nude, you subtly emphasize the special effect of this silver bracelet.

With this piece of jewelry, you have a stylish accompaniment throughout the day, and silver bracelets can add stylish accents to your business outfits in everyday life and provide additional extravagance at the cozy after-work dinner. From fine and feminine to wide and eye-catching, a wide range of looks is required, rounding off the outfit in various styles or giving it that certain something. Let yourself be inspired.

The choice is yours: These looks are available

Since silver bracelets are unbeatably versatile, here are the variants and their special features:

Link bracelets: Whether simple in silver or with fine gilding silver limb bracelets is among the classics. The motto less is more pays off, especially on elegant occasions. That is because a small black looks better if subtly finished, and limb bracelets are available in many different thicknesses, so when the accessories are strong and big, they can wonderfully worn to sporty tops and jeans, thin models let patterned and eye-catching dresses and blouses the precedence and keep in the mix discreetly back.