Trail Therapy™ aims to unite backpackers, hikers, as well as the family, friends, and hikers who follow them. Encompassing thousands of story entries and photos—from the Pacific Crest Trail to the Appalachian Trail, ongoing hikes to excursions from the early 2010s—Trail Therapy™
chronicles over thousand miles of hiking on long-distance trails by thousands of hikers. This site is an outlet for those who have completed journals and would like to share. Or, for those who are planning a hike and jumpstart your hiking stories or those who are already out there and have excellent stories to share. This humble website that was started by three backpackers as a hiking journal to becoming one of the best sources for hikers and backpackers.

For hikers and casual backpackers, Trail Therapy™ offers the insight and reflections of other experienced hikers, so you understand the realities of long-distance hiking as you plan ahead and commence your adventures. Since no one knows gear better than our team who have personally carried those packs and slept in those tents and cooked over those stoves day after day, gearheads read Trail Therapy™ for true-to-life, first-hand assessments of hiking and camping equipment.