Gold Bracelets for Women


How to choose the best gold bracelet for your lady love

A stylish men’s bracelet made of gold is a great bracelet for men who travels around the world. It has certain purposes: to demonstrate social status and position, to show impeccable taste, to complement a business or casual look. Gold bracelet on the hand can be worn with the watch or on the other wrist, combined with leather or rubber. This combination is one of the trends in jewelry fashion.

The first bracelets in history (in the Stone Age) were made of leather, wood and other materials, the processing of which was then available to man. Metal bracelets got their spread in the period of the Bronze Age – when a person learned how to process metals using forging and casting.

In ancient time ( XI-XIII cc. ) Bracelets were called hoops, they were wide plates on hinges, and even then this type of jewelry had a significant distribution, primarily due to their utilitarian purpose – they supported the long sleeves of the shirt. But, if simple peasants and townspeople could only afford copper jewelry, then noble people – bracelets made of gold or men’s bracelets made of silver, decorated with blackening.

Who could buy gold bracelets?

Only the wealthiest people could afford gold bracelets; such bracelets were decorated with complex zoomorphic drawings, and in their manufacture all the techniques then available were used: casting, forging, granulation, engraving, gilding, inlay, and enamel. Since that time, gold bracelets became means of expression, indicating the status of its owner. Over time, the bracelets began to be a lightweight solid hoop or chain, made using black on gold, diamonds or pearls.

A gold bracelet

Ornaments that are worn on the hand, as a rule, are subjected to fairly frequent blows, clings and other mechanical undesirable for jewelry. Therefore it is worth picking up the material of the bracelet, taking into account the fact that the product must be strong enough not to break from contact with clothing, for example.

Gold Bracelets for Women are real masterpieces of jewelry. Here you can find unusual combinations of materials and forms, inserts of any color, the use of metal of different samples and shades. Gold bracelets are a huge field for the imagination of jewelers, and they are happy to create non-standard, unlike any other products. In jewelry shops and jewelry stores you can find hundreds of types of massive and delicate bracelets. Of the huge number of luxury gold jewelry presented on the Internet and offline, you will definitely find the most suitable version of an interesting product.

Women’s Gold Bracelets

Jewelry made of gold is a universal jewelry. They can be suitable for both women and men. However, the principles of manufacturing products for each sex are different. As a rule, women’s jewelry is thinner and fragile, have a lot of smooth lines, often made with inserts. In turn, men’s products are larger and more massive, emphasizing the status and taste of their owner.

The product catalog of the shops is available for viewing directly on the site. You can also come to any of these addresses to personally look at the product of interest, try on, and also arrange the purchase. Gold bracelets for women can have different shapes and weaving. Products can be made of one or several colors of gold, as well as have inserts of stones. Different colors of gold, any size, weight and type of weaving is available for you to order.

How to buy a gold bracelet in the store “Jewel Card”

To purchase jewelry on website, please read the catalog of the goods offered. The product you like can be purchased in its original form, but you can make it with some changes in weight, gold color and inserts. You can order an individual production of a gold bracelet on the website, by phone, during a personal visit of one of stores in our country. They invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury and elegant jewelry without leaving your home!

Gold wrist bracelets are bestsellers. According to statistics, they are bought more often than chains, pendants and pendants. These decorations are second only to the base products – rings and earrings. The reason is simple: a well-chosen jewel favorably emphasizes the beauty and elegance of women’s hands, and also serves as a sign of the high status and wealth of its bearer. Choosing a product, you should pay attention to several fundamental points. This will ensure the continued use of jewelry and the absolute aesthetic pleasure of having a gold chain on your hand.

Length: Bracelets of gold, regardless of whether they are hard or soft , should move freely on the wrist. If a piece of jewelry fits tightly to the hand, if it is difficult to scroll, if it presses or creates discomfort while wearing, then the size of the jewelry was chosen incorrectly.

Width: This jewel parameter depends on the constitution of the body of the potential owner. Thumbelina should prefer thin chains or hoops. Rubens women should choose a wide bracelet. Medium width is for ladies standard build.

Multicolored bracelets:  In the online store, products made of gold of different colors – red , pink, yellow  and white are available for selection. Such gold alloys differ not only in color but also in density. Therefore, choosing a “colorful” decoration, it will not be superfluous to inspect each of its links and make sure that they are firmly connected to each other.

Bracelets with pendants:  Carpentry ornaments with pendants, hanging decorative elements are back in fashion. Therefore, when purchasing jewelry online, pay attention to the weight of the pendant and the mass of the main product. It is important that these values ​​are correlated. Heavy pendant and too thin bracelet is a combination of unreliable.

And of course, it is worth analyzing the purpose of the planned purchase. The jewel for everyday wear should be universal in design. At the same time, the chain for the outlets not only can, but perhaps even should have inlay, decorative elements or a unique style solution.